Monday, July 04, 2016

Old soul

Signs that you might be an old soul:

1. You have a depth that belies your age. A gravity. A dignity. A maturity. Way beyond years you have lived on planet earth.

2. You are very wise. Your wisdom has nothing to do with knowledge. It is deep and ageless.

3. You are blunt and straightforward. You rarely tolerate nonsense. No One gets away with stupidity. You have zero tolerance for fake people.

4. You give space. You expect to given equal freedom. You cling to nothing and nobody.

5. You avoid all kinds of mental, emotional or psychological games. You prefer directness and absolute honesty

6. Having integrity is more important than being famous or being rich.

7. You value deep relationships. You invest hugely into people, both emotionally and physically. People are more important than things. You value connections.

8. You are not in the least interested in the lives of others. You mind your own business and expect others to mind their own.

9. Your vision is very broad. You think at a global level. Universal consciousness and conscience. Deforestation or nuclear war threat will distraught you more than some recent theft in the neighborhood.

10. Love will take precedence over everything. You will choose love over anything or everything.... every time.

11. You will be extremely empathetic. Very sensitive. Very compassionate.

12.You will have a deep sense of responsibility. You will never be casual in your approach to anything. Never flimsy. Never shallow.

13. Routine things will bore you. You will  always be trying to find new ways to enrich you life.

14. You will be interested in deeper truths. In eternal things.

15. Your loyalty will be towards a person. Never towards a cause.

16. You will be open and approachable. You will not be hiding behind masks. To  be real and authentic will be as important as breathing and as necessary.

17. You always felt old. Even your parents will  look immature and appear like kids to you. As if, you are their parent. Because of the maturity you have right from birth.

18. You will have a deep lightheartedness about you. You will refuse to be low, depressed, sad or serious for long.

19. You will be very interested in spirituality and true religion.

20. You will feel you have been born on a wrong planet, at a wrong time.

Words by: Urvashi Goja
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