Sunday, July 03, 2016

Self questionaire

I stumble upon this quotation and I like the way it brings the sensations to me. So in life, we will get thru a lot of shits and sometimes things weren't happened the way that we want it to be.

What I'm saying is, it is beyond our control and it's beyond our league. Someone said this before to me, luck is like a ball. U hang yourself entirely on that ball and it is up to you whether you want to move it or not.

So each time I roll my own ball, the luck keeps changing and I will meet different people. So go out and meet a lot of people as many as you want and as you could because you should.

We shouldn't settle for less because life is a 1 time trial but with long period and the cons is we don't know the due of our expiration day. So live in the moment & touch lives.

Do you know? We touch other lives often than we realize? When we smile to a person on the street, or somebody in front of you.. You put your mark in them, it's like "I was here!" in their life and even in their subsconcious mind. Now imagine how many lives have you touched?

I want to go out, I want to read books because books were originated from people's thoughts. I want to smile to strangers as many as I could, I want my fate and luck keeps changing. I will move my own ball..

The sad thing is, we often be prisoned by our own thoughts and insecurities. Well, don't be. We are all humans, we are soon will go back to where we came from.
Whenever you feel down, remember this.. "Dunia saja bah ni, at the end urusan kita dgn di atas saja."

If this is your life? Why don't you go out and keep living, loving your own life by being your own self?

Okay, that's all. Xx

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