Saturday, July 02, 2016


So here it goes, I have been asked too many times by strangers and also by my few friends.. They be like "Are you single?" "Boleh berkenalan?" And so on.

My answer is, yes I am single but I'm not available. Because I'm not ready to have any sort of serious relationship.

Yes boleh berkenalan but only as a friend. I guess I'm not ready at all, nope not at all. And one of them asked "then when will u be available?"

Hahahaha. Susah mau ckp bosku because love is so hard, I guess I just want peace on my mind.. Maybe a year? Uinah boleh kah begitu? Hmm. But the most important is, I'm going to love myself even when nobody seems to acknowledge my presence .

Okay, Xx

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