Monday, April 07, 2014

Thank you :)

It feels good knowing that you're doing fine as day goes by. I will no longer feel worry about you.. You know it's really hurt for us to be apart but knowing that we already did anything that we could to hold it down, i feel no regrets. As day goes by, I learn how to be independent again because all these years, I relied everything on you; my thoughts, my weaknesses, my strenght. You know it all but time has changed and I have to stand up on my own again. I'm happy for you for the path that you chose. The thing is you know what you want and you sent me away straightly without any hesitation. I'm not blaming you anything cus I know you have endured it all for me. I hope in next years coming, we will always be like this; wishing each other to live a happy life. My prayers will always be with you. God knows well. I have no regrets, I enjoyed. Thank you PD.

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